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She enters your quiet peaceful life
like a slow hot summer's wind
Dancing for you, an enchantress
silken, smooth, brightly sequined

She captures the essence of night
moving with the shine of the moon
Her entrancing reflection shimmering
on the water, twirling to her tune

You watch her, mesmerized
moving delightfully, enchantingly
Tiny bells encircling her ankles
tinkle in the night so magically

She seems to look only at you
her charms now freely given
Enticing you, promises unspoken
your soul, by her is being driven

You're imprisoned now, forever hers
your heart, your soul, your mind
Try as you might, you'll never forget,
as she's truly, one of a kind

She moves quietly through your  life
promises of love, ready in her eyes
Soon she's gone, leaving broken dreams
within her whispered good byes

You'll see her in your moonlight
she lives forever in your soul
You'll see her in your sunshine
for your heart she surely stole...


Jadie Rose

Copyright©1999 Jadie Rose
All Rights Reserved
No reproduction of this material is allowed without written permission from the author

"Mummers Dance"

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